Validating canadian atpl to faa

) to share what I've found about convert a Transport Canada or FAA licenses into JAA license.

First, this link about Bristol Groundschool is very informative about requirements, Distance Learning and others things.

The process when I did mine in February of 2014 was as described, verification letter, medical write exam make appointment.

You can apply for the Verification Letter using the online form and email it to Oklahoma; definitely speeds up the process significantly. =3&t=94860 I have heard Gliem offers an online version of the Study guide, but not 100% sure. As the FAA inspector who reviewed my application said they always stick in a question or 2 from the regular ATP test bank to keep you honest.

Any further licence queries should be e-mailed to Flight Crew Licensing [email protected] the UK CAA.

I do not have first hand knowledge of this process though. Used the Gliem, as did a few collegues, and sailed through the exam.i spent about 70 hours on the study materials, but I had the time to spare. Hey spoke to my FAA guy who converted my TC CPL to FAA....i am not in the process of converting my TC ATPL to FAA ATP, his words were "at this time, there has been no changes for the one to one conversion from Transport Canada to FAA" Gleim's hands down is the best as well! I thought I should update this as two of our pilots just returned.

The new conversion test will not be out until sometime in February, so conversion, at this time is not available as far as we can tell.

If you are in the process, please feel free to call the FAA and voice your displeasure. After getting bounced around the FAA Airman Certification office for a week or so, I finally got ahold of an examiner to explain the new rules. if ANYONE has a better idea, or a cheaper approach please contact me.

In Short, to convert a Canadian ATPL to an FAA ATPL is 00.00 USD(00 cad), by the New ATP CTP course offered at one of these five training centers: 1. If you are interested in paying the 00.00Us,(00 cad) here is From Aero Sim: Here is the total Course: Aerosim ATP CTP Program Description 4 day/30 hours of Academic Training 3 days/10 hours of Simulator Training 4 Hours Level 4 FSTD 6 Hours Full Motion Flight Simulator ATP Knowledge test included ,995-7 day program Offered at the Aerosim Training Center in Orlando, Florida The ATP Certificate Training is the starting point in the process of becoming Airline Transport Pilot certified.

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Apply for a Licence Validation online, study for the test.

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