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Katie Beswick is author of the blog Reasons To Be Single I have a cyclical relationship with online dating. I was telling them the story of how, the last time I dated someone I’d met online, I ended up being serenaded with a tuba after disappointing sex, and crying at a cab driver on the way home.

Every now and then, a Facebook acquaintance posts an album of wedding photos, or a hazy ultrasound captioned with a love heart, and I freak out. " I think, "Why am I sitting in bed alone, eating crisps and drinking cold tea when other adults are planning weddings and having unprotected sex?! And another story, about the time before that, when I had to feign a stomach ache and leave after fifteen minutes, because his voice set my teeth on edge and made me want to dissolve out of my skin, like a vapour.

What if my virginity grows back, as a thick membrane of cobwebs?

But you just have to face the fear, and do it anyway. A French investment banker with an Arsenal season ticket, an electrician who writes "lol" even when nothing’s funny (I’ll pass thanks, babe) and a suave looking Italian Stallion who is "needy for the company of women" and who I have half-heartedly agreed to meet, although we haven’t set a date yet.Like Tinder, it lets you swipe to indicate your interest in potential suitors.However, Happn takes the Tinder concept to a new level – you have to cross paths with users in real life before you see a profile. "Online dating is a f*cking minefield," I slurred at my friends, last Saturday, after several espresso martinis. " And then I send a drunken text message to my ex-boyfriend, sign up to a dating site, meet a couple of losers for awkward small talk, decide alone is better than miserable and throw myself into work, white wine and yoga until the next acquaintance reaches a relationship milestone.

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