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That’s when they both realized a scammer had been using her name and photos for a fake dating profile.

A Missouri woman says she was walking out of a building when a stranger began calling her name.

A lot of police officers do that.""I felt sorry for him because he said, you know, 'I thought that I might have found my soul mate,'" Smith said.And the type of guy I matched with seemed to change.Sure, I still got the occasional banker or lawyer, but I was now mainly matching with creative types. Sure, it seemed like the type of guy I was matching with fluctuated with my lipstick choice.(He even used the flame emojis, which, swoon.) The conversations with these dudes were interesting, and I wound up going on two real-life dates. I saw no insane spikes, dodged plenty of douchey bros, and split a delicious pizza with a smokeshow photographer. Even though I've become fairly desensitized to the entire process of online dating, it can be majorly tough for a lot of women.It's scary as fuck to put up a photo of yourself on the internet and allow rando dudes to judge whether or not they want to date you.

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