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Women, however, preferred innocuous lines and had a greater aversion to cute/flippant lines than men, while men had a greater preference for direct opening gambits than women. We don't have direct access to a person's characteristics, so we underlying traits from overt behaviors.

I should note that when a woman is looking for a short-term fling, it may be an entirely different story: One study conducted on college students found that women were willing to have a short-term fling with men they were attracted to, regardless of the content of his pick-up lines!In the context of cute/flippant pick-up lines, those in the depleted group were more likely to "ask the initiator to leave them alone" and "ignore the initiator." In contrast, for innocuous gambits, the depleted students were to ignore the person and ask the person to leave them alone.Receptivity to direct gambits was unaffected by being cognitively depleted.Receptivity to pick-up lines involves cognitive processing, which requires thought.A certain amount of mental energy is required to follow the conversation and cut through the bullhonkey to figure out a person's true intentions.

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Does a person's mental state affect how a pick-up line is perceived?

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