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I opened up Timbaland’s autobiography, , thinking of rational ways to explain these gifts: a background in classical music or church gospel, or some sort of savant-ism whose obsessive tendencies center around audio frequencies.To my surprise, the answer I got was none of the above, but was, in fact, love.“My mother encouraged me to beat on pots, drum on the table, stomp around the house,” recalls Timbaland in the book’s first chapter.Carrie Fisher's fame-charmed life inevitably brought her into rock circles, but a stormy, song-inspiring intersection with Paul Simon remains the most memorable.The two married in August 1983, and then quickly divorced the following summer – the result, according to Peter Ames Carlin's new book , of latent emotional issues, too many fights and Fisher's rampant drug use. In fact, they dated on and off for more than a decade, directly influencing Simon projects like 1983's , and the actress reportedly set aside the affections of a series of other men in order to move into a Central Park West apartment with Simon.It’s clear at this point that Timbaland, aka Timothy “Tim” Mosley, has a grasp of not simply , but raw wavelengths and peaks and trebles, that most non-canine listeners do not possess.Over the years his many unconventional choices in samples — birds chirping, babies cooing, and beatboxed imitations of turntable scratches, all chopped and looped so as to punctuate the rhythm — made his beats at once era-defining and ahead-of-their-time.The title track lyrics, for instance, include these lines: ", which eventually flopped, made clear how the two were unsuccessfully struggling to remain together.“They fought a lot,” according to Carlin, who describes a moment in which a screaming match was stopped cold because the suddenly delirious Fisher and Simon were “laughing too hard to snarl anymore.” That strange and combustible chemistry eventually led Fisher and Simon to one another yet again, even after their divorce.

The decadence of this emperor, strangely enough, was neither vice nor vodka nor voluptuous women, but a crime of much higher stakes: uncredited sampling.Here’s a throwback for your listening pleasure, with text-based guest verses from the big man all of Tim’s honorifics, being a personal pick of President Obama’s is up there.Whereas gulag cats like Vladimir Putin use mob slang to get their points across, Obama turned to hip-hop culture, biting Jay Z’s dance move by brushing the dirt off his shoulder on national TV.“When reporters asked his aides if Obama was specifically referencing our song,” Tim notes on page 161, “the campaign replied and said, ‘Well, he does have some Jay Z on his i Pod.’ Epic moment! Especially considering “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” was Tim’s sole contribution to Tim’s marching band period, corresponding to late 2002 and most of 2003, produced some real bops for the listening public.1 single with 2005's "You're Beautiful." None of it had the staying power, the emotional highs and lows or the artistic spark of her time with Paul Simon.“Carrie added velocity to his life," Carlin said, "a kind of wild energy that often set him alight – and sometimes made him scream." Simon, well after his split with Fisher, was more succinct: He reportedly said theirs "was a powerful love – and it still is." She never remarried.

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He is instead focusing on parenting his own wunderkinder and, up until this year, has been serving as lead composer for another , this one featuring Taraji P. Curiously, though, despite two decades of digital fiddle-work, Tim’s Rome has not yet burned to the ground.

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