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Debra said that when she and her husband entered the chat line, they were quickly discovered to be adults by teens who hung up on them.“It’s like a different language, different street talk, disgusting,” she said.But now let's look at policies which cover at least 6 children free - although if you have two children, three, four or five they will be happy to insure them at the same price too!ASDA Travel Insurance ASDA is a family friendly supermarket and will insure up to 3 children for every adult travelling on a standard policy or up to 6 children with a group policy.We track down travel insurers who design their policies for the larger family - and let you know why some policies look very similar!If you are looking to travel with up to four children we suggest you use our Travel Insurance comparison service - many insurers are happy to cater for families of this size, and insurance for a two week break in Spain can run from less than £15 for the whole family.Debenhams Travel Insurance Debenhams offer the same Insureand Go policy - normally at a slightly higher premium, but with the added reassurance of the brand name.They also on occasion offer voucher codes - normally in the form of a discount coupon which can be redeemed in one of their stores - if we are aware of any such codes we will promote them on our travel insurance discount code pages.

Of course nowadays we would all be surprised at any penalties those not in a 'traditional' family had to pay.Undeterred, the couple called back and simply listened.Debra said the kids talked about sex, drugs and music, and many freely exchanged phone numbers.The couple dialed the phone numbers and found many belonged to teens and young adults who said they spoke to Breanne on The New York Donut chat line. Once they got the chat line’s number from a helpful teen, they called it and immediately realized it was an X-rated phone line aimed at kids.“It comes on and asks, ‘If you want hard-core sex, press this number,'” Debra said.

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